Alon Goren

Principal Investigator

Alon is an assistant professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of California San Diego. His major research interest is to understand chromatin regulation and dynamics, with a focus on development. When he is not in the lab, Alon enjoys swimming, hiking, rock climbing and hanging out with his wife, two kids, dog and cat.
agoren AT ucsd DOT edu

Dorit Rousseau

Administrative assistant (with The Gymrek Lab)

Dorit has a degree in Social Sciences/psychology and a certificate in Human Resources Management and Personnel Administration from UCSD. She manages all lab requisitions and supports lab logistical and administrative needs. Dorit enjoys hiking, watching movies, and traveling with her family.
drousseau AT ucsd DOT edu

Rahel Wachs

Graphic Design and Illustration (with The Gymrek Lab)

Rahel is a graphic designer and illustrator. She works in collaboration with scientists to create visual content that supports their research. This includes enhancing graphs and diagrams, creating illustrations for publications, poster and presentation layouts and other graphic design needs. In her free times she enjoys yoga, hiking and spending time with her family.
rwachs AT ucsd DOT edu

Sharona Shleizer-Burko

Post-Doctorate researcher (with The Gymrek Lab)

Sharona got her Ph.D. in Genetics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and works as the lab manager of the Gymrek and Goren groups. She divides her time between optimizing the automation of ChIP-seq to study the chromatin of developmental samples and a joint project with the Gymre\ k lab focused on establishing a system to systematically interrogate regulatory variants.
sshleizerburko AT ucsd DOT edu

Cynthia Wu

PhD student (with The Gymrek Lab)

Cynthia is a PhD student in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology at UCSD. She is interested in genome editing and computational genomics. Her current research studies the transcriptome-wide effects of various mutations in the same genes.
cew003 AT ucsd DOT edu

Jonathan Margoliash

PhD Student (with The Gymrek Lab)

Jonathan is a Computer Science grad student at UCSD doing bioinformatics research. He is interested in the application of mathematical, statistical, computational and machine learning approaches to best leverage the complexities of human health datasets. He is currently working on finding associations between tandem repeat genotypes and phenotypes in the UK Biobank. In his spare time, he loves outdoorsing, gaming, and music making.
jmargoli AT eng DOT ucsd DOT edu

Gabbi Heitmann

Staff Research Scientist

Gabbi graduated from UCSD in June 2020 with a B.S. in General Biology. She is currently working on improving the efficiency of our automated ChIP-seq process. She spends her free time playing beach volleyball, skiing, and scuba diving.
gheitman AT ucsd DOT edu

Sophia Mcdaniel

B.S./M.S. student

Sophia is a third year undergraduate student studying biochemistry and cell biology. She is working under Dr. Sharona Shleizer-Burko to create an efficient method for identifying and characterizing high impact regulatory variants. In her free time, she enjoys running, cooking, reading, and going on adventures.
smmcdani AT ucsd DOT edu

Yuwei Cao

B.S./M.S. student

Yuwei is an undergraduate student majoring in Biochemistry/Cell Biology. She is working together with Gabbi to improve the efficiency of our automated ChIP-seq workflow. In her free time, Yuwei enjoys cooking, reading, and watching movies.
yuc408 AT ucsd DOT edu

Jonathan (Jo) Vu

Undergraduate researcher

Jonathan is an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Biochemistry and Music at UCSD. He is working under Dr. Yuting Liu to create a protocol that can i\ dentify the genomic localization of protein multiple DNA-protein interactions in a single experiment and to systematically study protein-protein interaction\ s. For hobbies, Jonathan likes to spend some time outside running and likes to improve his jazz improvisational skills on the piano.
jdv010 AT ucsd DOT edu

Tianyao (Polo) Xu

Undergraduate researcher

Polo is a second-year undergraduate student majoring in Bioengineering: Bioinformatics and Applied Mathematics. In his free time, Polo enjoys reading and gaming.
tix034 AT ucsd DOT edu

We are looking for more people to join the team! See the jobs page for more details.